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See how Affordable Driver’s Ed can be in Saint John

At A-One Driver Education, we seek to maintain a balance of offering affordable services, while also ensuring you get the most out of your driver’s ed training. A-One Driver Education accepts payments in the form of cash, cheque, email transfer and gift certificates.

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How Much does Driver’s Ed Cost in Saint John?

To accommodate your budget, we have flexible payment options and only require a $300 down payment to begin the module program. After your $300 payment, you will pay just $60 for each driving hour in the car. Since each student is required to complete a minimum of 20 hours of online learning time, 5 hours of classroom time and 10 hours of driving time, your tax-included total will be just $900. Not bad for a skill you’ll use your entire life, right?

To get started with your driver’s ed sessions, call A-One Driver Education in Saint John, today!

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